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A portrait to treasure


All prices are approximate and in ranges, for a simple head/neck portrait prices will be at the lower end of the scale, as for something with more detail for example a horse with lots of tack or a detailed background then prices will be at the higher end of the scale.

 For a more personalised quote please message me using this link Get in touch or feel free to email me

18 x 24cm (approx a5) - £100 - £130

 24 x 30cm (approx a4) - £150 - £185

 30 x 40cm (approx a3) - £185 - £220

I ship worldwide from £18

Some animals such as horses and dogs are often better on a 24 x 30cm size minimum as this ensures a good level of detail, whilst the smaller sizes are more suited to birds, butterflies/insects and smaller studies such as eye studies.

 Larger sizes available if required. Additional subjects (eg 2 animals or more in the same drawing) extra charge will apply. Please email me to find out more or book a commission 

Commissions & Prices: Our Services
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